Pop Cast Podcast – The Power of Pessimism

Pop Cast Podcast is recorded, produced, and published by R&R Mobile Recording, LLC.

Released August 2020
R&R Mobile Recording
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The Matchstick Experiment

The Matchstick Experiment’s promo video was recorded at the drum room at the Townsend’s house.  The video features two original compositions and a Radiohead cover. Video made possible by John O’Donnell, Avery Grimshaw, Rex Royer, and Chad Moreno.

Released early June 2018

Street Side Jazz Band – Last Call

Street Side Jazz Band’s latest album, Last Call, was recorded at EMF Productions and mastered by R&R Mobile Recording.

Listen on Spotify, or purchase on CDBaby

The Rudimental Podcast
by Josh Hartwell

The Rudimental Podcast host, Josh Hartwell, features local musicians (predominantly drummers), and is recorded by R&R Mobile Recording.

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Nathan Horton – Now or Never

Nathan’s latest EP, mastered by R&R Mobile Recording. Recorded on tape!

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4th Wall Down podcast

4th Wall Down is a podcast featuring Brian Moore, Josh Periotte, Wesley Royer, and other guests.  Original music by Brian Moore, Wesley Royer, Tyler Reed, and Chase Gillett.

Stream from R&R Mobile Recording

Jairus Daigle and the Network (unreleased) – Live performance at the Foundation House

Unavailable for streaming.

Inner Gee – EP (unreleased)

Unavailable for streaming.